Pit Assasin 02
First appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Last appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Profession Assasin
Race Unknow
Relationships Remus (Dominus, Deceased)
Ovidius (Employer, Deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)
Actor/Actress Uncredited

This unnamed characters is a former Remus´s slave sold to Ovidius for his intentions of killing Batiatus at the Pits. He´s seen at the Pits drinking and watching the deadly fights as many other romans, but during the fight between Spartacus and Ixion, he and his comrade try to kill Batiatus, but they fail. His comadre is killed by Barca, and then this one is killed by Spartacus after he kills Ixion, savin his Dominus life.

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