Spartacus2x01 0214
First appearance S2E01: Fugitivus
Last appearance
Profession Slave
Escaped Slave
Race Greek
Relationships Peirastes (Instructor, deceased)
Vitus (Friend, deceased)
Lysandros (Friend)
Status Unknown (presumed deceased)
Actor/Actress Matthew Arbuckle
Pyrrhus is a former slave from The House of Batiatus.

Character OutlineEdit

Pyrrhus, along with Vitus and Lysandros, travelled with Spartacus' rebels after the massacre at Batiatus' ludus. He was a house slave until the massacre, after which he trained under Peirastes, who was put in charge of training the house slaves.


Pyrrhus is one of three who have done well in their combat training under Peirastes. He is granted a sword following the success of his training and as a result becomes one of the Rebels fighters.


  • Pyrrhus' name is Greek and was the name of the king of Epirus who ruled between 306-272 BCE, and once invaded Italy in opposition to the Romans in 280 BCE. He may also have been named after the mythological Pyrrhus, son of the greatest Greek warrior of the Trojan War, Achilles.

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