First appearance S1E03: Legends
Last appearance S1E04: The Thing in the Pit
Profession Merchant
Race Roman
Relationships None
Status Unknown
Actor/Actress Jon Brazier
Ramel is a Roman merchant in Capua who has often sold jewelry to Ilithyia and Lucretia.

Character OutlineEdit

Ramel is known for having some of the best jewelry in Capua, but is also a shrewd negotiater and difficult to haggle with as seen from his dealings with Lucretia.

Blood and SandEdit

Ramel is brought to Batiatus' Ludus in order to show Lucretia a selection of jewlery. She eventually purchases an

Ramel with Lucretia and Naevia.

emerald necklace from him in order to impress Ilithyia. When money becomes a problem for Batiatus, Lucretia seeks Ramel out in order to sell him back the emerald necklace to get coin for her husband. When he offers he half of what she had paid she at first refuses until Solonius arrives desiring to purchase the necklace for its full price and give to Lucretia, though she declines and takes Ramel's offer, cursing him at the same time.


  • The name Ramel is roughly translated as "exalted is El" ('El' meaning god in ancient western Semitic dialects), which may indicate either Phoenician or Judean origins.
  • Due to his foreign name, Ramel may be a naturalized Roman citizen of Semitic origins. Usually, foreigners who were granted citizenship would have taken a Roman name after their social patron.
  • The Latin word for merchant is Mercator.

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