Rebel Generals

Spartacus, Crixus, Agron, and Gannicus, the Rebel Generals.

The Rebel Generals are all former gladiators of the House of Batiatus and the commanders of the rebellion led by Spartacus throughout the Third Servile War. In Season Two, the leadership follows an uneasy heirarchy with the rebels as they are separated amongst themselves. Gauls with Crixus and Germans with Agron and so on. However, in Season Three, the rebels have become organized and unified under a single leader. They all ultimately belong to the same Brotherhood based upon their time as gladiators. The generals later teach their skills and honor as brothers amongst other slaves and those who join their cause.

Spartacus acts as the main commander of all of the rebels, while the others act as leaders on the battlefield, aid in the training of others, strategize and discuss tactics. Including Gannicus, the generals are also the most skilled warriors amongst the rebels and are recognized as equals


Following the revolt from Batiatus' Ludus the escaped gladiators and slaves took to becoming rebels. While not an organized army the rebels follow the commands of Spartacus, Crixus and Agron. Other rebels appear to adjust the hierarchy to others as well.

Oenomaus takes to becoming a mentor to the rebels and, Spartacus specifically, as well as the combat instructor to the new recruits, but does not take a full leadership command.

Other rebels, such as Donar and Mira, took on certain leadership duties as well. Mira becomes the top archer in the rebellion after the death of Lucius Caelius, while Donar leads the scouts and the sentries.

War of the DamnedEdit

Following the organization of a true army, the rebel leaders have evolved into becoming rebel generals with true command and power within the rebel group. Spartacus continues to serve as the main leader with Crixus and Agron serving as his lieutenants and right-hand men. While not a direct commander, Gannicus holds great respect from many rebels and is constantly trying to be added into the leadership by Spartacus, though Gannicus always declines stating he is no leader and prefers to stay as regular soldier.

Eventually, Crixus takes leave with his own army on a path towards Rome while Spartacus takes rebels with him over the Alps to embrace true freedom. Agron goes with Crixus in this while Gannicus remains with Spartacus. This, however, leads to the massacre of Crixus' army, Agron's capture, and Crixus' death.

When the rebel army prepare for their conclusive battle against Crassus, Gannicus finally accepts the role as a leader with Spartacus leading the frontline infantry and Gannicus leading a cavalry unit to assault the rear position of the Romans.

Following the Roman victory, the surviving rebels take leave out of the Republic, with Agron now the only surviving rebel leader.

Known MembersEdit

  • Spartacus - A Thracian warrior and the leader of the rebellion. He was enslaved by the Romans only to rise and rebel against their rule. A former arena legend, he now fights to ensure the free
    The Rebel Leaders

    The Rebel Leaders.

    dom of all slaves.
  • Crixus - A Gaul and former Champion of Capua as well as Spartacus' second-in-command. He was an enemy of Spartacus until eventually joining up with him and becoming a leader of the Gauls and capable warrior in the rebel army in order to find his lover Naevia.
  • Agron - A German warrior and Spartacus' third-in-command, having continued with the rebellion to avenge the life of his brother following their revolt from the ludus. He harbours a visceral hatred for the Romans and goes on to become Spartacus' best friend.
  • Gannicus - A Celt and former legend of the arena, Spartacus' fourth-in-command and later second-in-command. Although he refuses to be a leader throughout most of the third season, he still holds high recognition amongst all of the Rebels. He finally accepts the role in the series finale, leading his men in the final battle.

Historical ContextEdit

Historically there were five known leaders in the rebellion:

  1. Spartacus - Thracian; likely died in battle in 71 B.C. The Battle of the Siler River.
  2. Crixus - Gaul; died in battle in 72 B.C. The Battle of Mount Garganus.
  3. Oenomaus - Gaul; died in battle in 72/73 B.C. Possibly the Battle of Mount Vesuvius.
  4. Gannicus - Celt or Gaul; died in battle in 71 B.C. The Battle of Cantenna.
  5. Castus - Roman/Celt or Gaul; died in battle in 71 B.C. The Battle of Cantenna.


  • Agron is not a real-life, historical general throughout the Third Servile War.
    • Agron takes on the historical context of Castus.
  • Castus, a Roman Rebel who historically was one of the rebel generals, made his first appearance in season three but does not appear as his historical counterpart. 
  • Historically, Oenomaus and Gannicus were also rebel generals. However, in Vengeance, Oenomaus dies before the rebels can properly form an army.  This does not stray too far from history, as the historical Oenomaus is generally regarded to have died during the early days of the rebellion. In War of the Damned, Gannicus refuses the responsibilities of being a general until confronted by Crassus' legion in the final episode of the series. 
  • Dux (singular) or Duces (plural) was a generic term for 'commander', 'leader' or 'general' in the Latin language. It would have been the likely term used for Spartacus and his fellow generals in the rebellion. Spartacus' position as that of the supreme commander may have been referred to in Latin as the Dux ducis (leader of leaders).

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