Retiarius Gladiator
Bez tytułu 2
First appearance S2E05: Libertus
Last appearance S2E05: Libertus
Profession Gladiator
Race Roman
Relationships None
Status Deceased (Killed by Crixus)
Actor/Actress Unknow
This Gladiator is is one of the gladiators who fights in the arena for the honor of executing Crixus, Oenomaus, and Rhaskos.

Character OutlineEdit

This Gladiator fights in the style of Retiarius. He carries a Fascina and a Rete to catch his opponents.


This Gladiator is matched in battle against a Secutor Gladiator, whom he defeats and kills.

Having earned his place in the primus of the games, battles alongside Gannicus and his fellow gladiator executioners in combat against Crixus, and Rhaskos. He catches Rhaskos with his Rete and stabs him. Later he´s heavily injured by Spartacus when he enters the arena, and later killed by Crixus.

Bez tytułu 3

The Retiarum Gladiator is fatally stabbed by Crixus