There are many times in the show where one or several characters have revenge on their enemies, or attempt to get revenge and fail.

Gods of the ArenaEdit

  • After his brutal attack by Tullius and Vettius, Batiatus has Indus, Ashur and Dagan trick and then deal Vettius the same attack, as revenge for his previous engagement with them.
  • Dagan and Ashur kill and eat the pet birds of Auctus and Barca for soiling in their food and for mocking them resulting in a fight.
  • Lucretia poisons Titus Lentulus Batiatus for all the years of his harsh treatment towards her and her husband as well as his lack of action towards Gaia's death
  • Batiatus has Tullius killed and buried in the new arena for all the slights he has done to him and to "avenge" the death of his father.
  • Solonius betrays Batiatus by having Vettius hand over all of his gladiators to him because he was tired of being bullied by Batiatus.
  • Dagan attacks Ashur for his betrayal and taking out his eye only to die himself.

Blood and SandEdit

  • Glaber tracks down and enslaves Spartacus and his wife, Sura, as revenge for Spartacus turning the Thracian Auxilary from his army.
  • Batiatus has Barca kill Ovidius and his family for having slaves sold to Solonius in order to kill Batiatus in the pits.
  • Ashur has Barca killed to relieve himself of debt but also for his years of mockery at the hands of Barca.
  • Spartacus kills Gnaeus in due to the gladiator's mistreatment of Pietros, who ended up taking his own life.
  • After becoming Champion of Capua, Spartacus humiliates Crixus for doing the same to him on his first days in the ludus by doing the same to him in front of the recruits.
  • Spartacus badmouths Ilithyia and her husband for her earlier insults to him before fighting Theokoles.
  • Ilithyia tries to have her gladiator Segovax kill Spartacus for his words to her and her friends.
  • After realizing he has slept with Ilithyia and not Licinia, Spartacus tries to strangle her as she is the wife of Glaber, the man who condemned him and his wife into slavery.
    • This was a form of vengeance from Lucretia on Ilithyia for the noblewoman constantly looking down at her.
  • Ilithyia seduces Numerius and has Varro killed by Spartacus after the latter tried to kill her.
  • Batiatus has Magistrate Calavius killed for slighting his ambitions and has Solonius blamed and executed in vengeance over years of attempts on his life. 
  • Spartacus kills Aulus, the man who killed his wife.
  • Ashur sleeps with Naevia (the lover of Crixus) in revenge against Crixus for crippling him and for years of mocking him.
  • Crixus attacks Ashur in revenge for sleeping with the woman he loved.
  • Lucretia attacks Naevia for betraying her trust by sleeping with Crixus and banishes her to the mines.
  • Naevia tells Oenomaus the truth of Barca's death at the hands of Batiatus as a form of retribution against the House for her punishment.
  • The gladiators revolt against the roman soldiers for their cruel treatment at their hands as well as for subjecting them to vicious beatings.
  • Agron kills a roman soldier for stabbing his brother who would later die from the wound.
  • Oenomaus tries to kill Ashur for lying to him about Barca's death and for infecting the honor of the Ludus  
  • Ilithyia leaves Batiatus' villa before the massacre ensues, and has the door locked from the outside, leaving everyone trapped. She did this to get revenge on Lucretia for tricking her into laying with Spartacus and treating her like a slave.
  • Crixus stabs Lucretia in the womb killing their child and leaving her to bleed out. He does this to get retribution against Lucretia for sending Naevia away.
  • Aurelia kills Numerius for ordering her husband Varro's death at his celebration.
  • Spartacus fights and kills Batiatus, avenging the death of his wife who Batiatus had his handyman Aulus murder her.


  • Ashur torments Oenomaus for information about Spartacus and attempting to kill him during the revolt.
  • Ashur helps the romans attack and capture Crixus due to the suffering mistreatment from the latter.
  • Oenomaus fights and attempts to kill Gannicus in the Arena after finding about his affair with his wife Melitta.
  • Glaber kills Albinius for threatening to throw him out of the Senate and for trying to dissolve his marriage to Ilithyia.
  • Glaber treats Ilithyia coldly for attempting to leave him and threatens her with death if anything happens to "his child".
  • Glaber has Ashur's Group attack the villa of Seppia and Seppius before he personally kills Seppius for his insolence and attempts to defeat Spartacus.
  • Glaber has an affair with Seppia in order to balance scales with Ilithyia who tried to leave him.
  • Seppia attempts to kill Glaber for killing her brother only to die herself.
  • Crixus pushes Varinus in the path of a fiery boulder for ordering the deaths Acer and Rhaskos.
  • Ilithyia and Lucretia plot Ashur's downfall as revenge for raping Lucretia and trying to marry her.
  • Naevia battles and kills Ashur as vengeance for him raping her and putting her through months of grief in the Mines
  • Oenomaus attacks the Egyptian for taking out his eye and attacking Gannicus.
  • Gannicus battles and kills The Egyptian to avenge Oenomaus.
  • Lucretia kills Ilithyia and her child for causing her husband's death and her eventual downfall.
  • Spartacus fights and kills Salvius for killing Mira
  • Spartacus duels and kills Glaber in the season finale, for condemning him to slavery and avenging his wife Sura's death.

War of the DamnedEdit

  • Gannicus attacks Naevia and Crixus for unfairly killing Attius after accussing him of hiding roman prisoners when it was really Laeta's doing.
  • Cassius tries to suffocate Nemetes, whom he thinks killed his sister Fabia, but is killed by the real culprit Caesar.
  • The rebels led by Crixus and Naevia slaughter the captive romans in Sinuessa for all the years of abuse as slaves.
  • Tiberius rapes Kore to get back at his father for ordering Sabinus' death.
  • Spartacus attacks and wounds Heracleo for his betrayal.
  • Gannicus kills the Cilician Pirates for their betrayal and the deaths of many rebels.
  • Laeta kills Heracleo, who branded her a slave.
  • Brictius attacks Castus for his allies' betrayal and the deaths of many of the rebels but is stopped by Nasir.
  • Crixus attacks Spartacus for leading the rebels into the mountains and causing Naevia to be wounded resulting in a fight between them.
  • Spartacus hosts gladiator games to honor the fallen rebels who were crushed by Crassus in Rome.
  • Naevia fights and nearly kills Tiberius to avenge Crixus who died by the boy's hand.
  • Kore kills Tiberius, who raped her.
  • Saxa kills the roman soldier who stabbed her before dying in Gannicus' arms.
  • Caesar knocks Gannicus out for attempting to kill him on many occasions.
  • Crassus has Kore crucified for the death of his son and her involment with the rebels.
  • Nasir kills the Romans who came to Crassus aid by spearing Spartacus in the final battle.

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