First appearance S1E01: The Red Serpent
Last appearance S1E01: The Red Serpent
Profession Gladiator
Relationships Marcus Decius Solonius (Dominus, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Spartacus)

Sebillus was a gladiator from the house of Solonius who was killed by Spartacus along with Arkadios and two other gladiators in the arena.

Blood and SandEdit

Sebillus' only appearance was in The Red Serpent, where he is presented during a party in the House of senator Albinius. After Solonius presents Arkadios, he presents Sebillus, proclaiming the "Terror of the Red Sands". 


"Sebillus, terror of the red sands"

-Marcus Decius Solonius

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