First appearance S2E01: Fugitivus
Last appearance S2E09: Monsters
Profession Roman Noble
Race Roman
Relationships Seppius (Brother/Former Lover, deceased)
Sextus (Cousin, deceased)
Unnamed Uncle
Claudius Glaber (Lover/Enemy, deceased)
Ilithyia (Friend/Rival, deceased)
Mercato (Friend, deceased)
Gallienus (Friend)
Lucretia (Friend, deceased)
Publius Varinius (Love Interest, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Ilithyia)
Actor/Actress Hanna Mangan-Lawrence
Seppia is the beautiful younger sister of Seppius, whose youthful innocence hides a much more cunning and devious nature.


Seppia is young, beautiful, and unmarried. She longs to use her charms to win herself a rich, handsome Roman man. Despite this, she is not jealous of her friend Ilithyia's pregnancy (the sickness would prevent her from enjoying various delicacies!).


Unlike her brother Seppius, Seppia is more carefree but shares his desire to have her way. While appearing innocent and naive, she is also very manipulative, selfish and spoiled. While she craves the death of Spartacus, for killing her cousin and the end of therebellion, she cannot bring herself to kill, unless pushed too far.

She displays great sorrow for the death of her friends which is later replaced with thoughts of vengeance as seen when she discovered Glaber killed her brother.


She is introduced at gladiators, complaining about the rebels roaming about causing trouble. While Gallienus and Mercato state her brother Seppius and his mercenaries have it under control, she informs them of the death of a group killed earlier that day to their shock.

Although Seppia was originally insistent that she is much happier without a husband, she softens to the idea (so long as he's handsome and rich) and seeks Lucretia's counsel on the matter, and eventually reveals her husband of choice as the praetor Varinius. Ilithyia is noticeably troubled to hear this, as she had also wanted him, but remains silent until Seppia leaves, and gives Lucretia an earful.


Seppia unable to kill Acer.

Later the villa is host to another one of its famous pleasure feasts, with many Roman nobles in attendance. Both Seppia and Ilithyia seek out Varinius, with Seppia remaining by his side, making sure to giggle and caress him whenever possible. Seppius is much less impressed however, as is Ilithyia's husband Glaber. Seppia is no match for Ilithyia, who has been waiting for the right moment to show off. When Seppia is unable to kill Acer, one of Spartacus' men (who had been slowly tortured during the feast), Ilithyia quickly steps in and does it with ease.


Seppius giving Seppia a warm embrace.

Seppia leaves the party, embarrassed, at her brother's insistence, all the while revealing that Seppius has more than just a few perverted thoughts about his own sister, as he kisses her on the lips and invites her to return home and have "warm embrace", which she agrees too while crying.


Seppia with her Slave.

After Spartacus manages to bring down the arena, killing many in the process including family friend Mercato, Seppia is invited to seek "grief consul" by Ilithyia and Lucretia. In reality, they are trying to persuade Seppia to sway her brother into joining Glaber. She goes there and mourns Mercato and Cossutius before she quickly figures out their intentions, however, and says she won't be much use, but changes her mind as soon as Glaber arrives. He openly flirts with Seppia whose eyes linger on him, and she tells Ilithyia how lucky she is to have a man like him. Unbeknownst to Seppia, her entire household (slaves and all) is later murdered by Glaber, Ashur and his newly recruited men. Before crushing his neck, Glaber informs Seppius that his sister will be well cared for in his house - and in his arms.

Seppia tries to go to her uncle's villa in Pompeii but is invited to stay in Glaber's household, but is seen in mourning, seeking vengeance for the murder of her brother, although she believes Spartacus was ultimately responsible.


Seppia giving herself to Glaber.

When Ilithyia leaves for Rome (after faking problems with the baby under Lucretia's guidance), Seppia immediately visits Glaber in his chambers, where the two stare at each other intently before Seppia takes off her gown. The two passionately kiss and proceed to have sex before their encounter is interrupted by Salvius.

Seppius bracelet

Lucretia finds Seppius twin snake armlet among Ashur's stash.

With news that Ilithyia has gone missing, neither Seppia nor Glaber are upset, a reality shown when Glaber announces to Spartacus that, unlike himself, Spartacus loves his wife - a feeling he does not share with Ilithyia.

While Seppia makes herself quite comfortable basking in Glaber's affection, Lucretia stumbles upon Seppius' snake armband among Ashur's box of stolen goods. The truth is finally revealed, and Seppia is obviously stunned at the news of sleeping with the man who killed her brother. To avoid his awareness of the fact, she stays at the ludus but is forced to continue to giving herself to the man who so wounded her.


Seppia tries to kill Glaber.

Using her growing hatred of Glaber against her, Lucretia and Ilithyia - who managed to walk back to the ludus after being released by Spartacus - convince Seppia to kill Glaber.


Seppia is killed by Ilithyia.

Unfortunately for her, the plan was rigged so that Ilithyia would arrive just in time to save Glaber from Seppia, who grabs the knife from her and stabs her in the chest before slitting her throat. As Seppia lies dead in the bath, Ilithyia and Glaber then rekindle their romance and proceed to make love in front of her corpse which continues to float motionlessly in the water.


  • It is hinted that Seppia's brother, Seppius, harbored romantic feelings for her, and that the two may have been engaged in an incestuous relationship. Though this subplot is not openly addressed in the series, it was confirmed in a post-season interview by the show's creator, Steven DeKnight.[1] He explained that he intended for their relationship to play a much larger role in the plot, however, as a similar incestuous relationship was already a primary subplot of the HBO series Game of Thrones, DeKnight refrained from delving deeper into the subject to avoid being accused of copying another show. It is implied they had "warm embrace", meaning sex.
  • Seppia is the sixth main character to be killed.
  • Seppia and her brother may belong to the Oscan-descended Gens Seppia, prominent political dynasty in Capua since the days of the Second Punic War.


“I do not seek justice. I seek vengeance.
Seppia to Glaber.

"Is he not handsome and rich...and of means!"

Seppia to Ilithyia and Lucretia, about Varinius.

"Would that she had more than one life to take"

Seppia to Ilithyia while watching as Thessella is crucified.

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