The Seppius' Villa was the home left to Seppius and Seppia by their parents. It was also home to their many slave's.

The villa's slaves include numerous women, including a pair of child-slaves (Pueri Delicati) who were killed by Abrax 'The Murderer' (one of Ashur's Group). There were also a number of professional guards (Custodis) in the villa, probably the same Mercennarii from the cohort of Octavius Tarsus. Fimbria and The Egyptian were seen slaughtering them.

It was sacked and all its occupants - including Seppius himself - were murdered by Claudius Glaber and Ashur's band of thugs in the episode Chosen Path. Only Seppia survived the slaughter, since she was staying at Glaber's temporary home at the time.

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