The Sica is a curved type of sword used by Thraex gladiators.


The sica is less of a simple thrusting and slashing sword (like the gladius), but is instead more of a unique and "tactical" weapon.


Forged from iron, the sica's blade - typically 12" to 18" long - bends into a forward curve. It has a sharp point down to the turn of the curve, while the rest of the blade is blunted for a rougher gripping edge. This allows the curved end to be used to hook the weapon or shield of an opponent and pull them away, creating an opening to strike.

In HistoryEdit

On ScreenEdit

In the series there were at least two distinct types of sica used.

Arena sica - Matching the discription of the above and later sold as a licensed

Licensed replica sica


Pit sica - Extending past the 45° bend in the blade, the pit sica had a metal

Pit Sica taken from the prop auctions

spike bolted onto the blade and extending several inches.   Additionally there was an 'S' shaped metal handguard and a small spike on the pommel.

Users of this WeaponEdit


Thraex vs Hoplomachus 1
  • The Sica was a well known weapon in South Eastern Europe but was best known as a weapon used by the Dacians and the Jews. The Dacians first named it and used it in war as a secondary weapon next to the Falx and Rhomphia. The weapon was also considered an Illyrian weapon, due to strong usage in the land.
  • The Sica blade isn't very sharp.
  • In Rome, the Sica was generally considered a "criminal's weapon", used by an anti-Roman group called "Sicarii" (who gained their name from their use of this blade).

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