Rebels entering Sinuessa.

The Siege of Sinuessa was a major event during the Third Servile War, where Spartacus and his rebels overtook the city. The siege lasted for an unknown set of time, and was eventually ended when the Romans, led by Crassus, retook the city.

Rebel OccupationEdit

The Rebels, needing shelter during the winter, decided that they needed an entire city to house their growing numbers.[1] They decided to take the nearby Sinuessa, due to its defense that would protect them from the sea and east, forcing the Romans to attack from the front during the winter.

Using information given to them by Diotimos, a escaped slave from that city, and Gannicus, who knew the local Blacksmith Attius, Spartacus is able to come up with a plan on how to take the city.

Spartacus & Crixus.

Spartacus & Crixus entering Sinuessa.

Spartacus, Gannicus and Crixus enter the city through the front gate, posing as slavers conducting business in the city. Once inside, they locate Attius, who explain that the local Aedile Ennius has become paranoid of a slave uprising and has banned the creating of weapons and has locked most of the existing weapons away. Spartacus convinces him to forge two swords and leave him to work while he explores the city

After getting the weapons promised, Spartacus, Gannicus, and Attius (who now needs a rebel victory or face death) make their way to the main gate, Attius distracts the guards while the other two make begin to open the front gate for the waiting rebel army outside. Once they begin to open it, the rebels (led by Crixus) pour into the city and begin to kill every Roman they encounter.

The battle ends when Spartacus kills Ennius, the Aedile, before he is able to destroy all the stored grain. Once dead, and the city secured, Spartacus commands that all surviving Romans are captured, but not killed.[2]

Massacre of the citizensEdit

After the city is taken, the surviving Romans (save for Attius, who assisted in taking the city) are chained and lined the walls of the city. Spartacus does what he can to ensure that the Romans are taken care of, but despite his best efforts, he has trouble maintaining peace.[3] Some rebels, such as Nemetes, feel that they are entitled for their efforts, and take women as "payment" without the knowledge of Spartacus and those closest to him.[4] To add to the tensions, escaped slaves flock to the city looking for a safe place to stay, all of them needing food, but not all providing arms to defend the city. The only source of food from the outside comes from Cilician Pirates who assist to play their small part in fighting the Romans.

After a Battle outside Sinuessa, the Rebels become more fearful of the risk of spy's entering the city, and despite their best efforts, a Roman spy does make his way into the city and befriends several rebels. Some, such as Gannicus, suspect the he is more then he claims to be,but are unable to find solid proof. In order to prove his loyalty, Nemetes decides to have him proof his loyalty by raping Fabia, the women he and his friends had taken as "payment". Caesar instead kills her out of pity and presents her body to Nemetes, telling him that he wish's to see
Fabias death

Fabia's death by Caesar.

every Roman share the same fate.

Using the tension of recent events and the already existing hate the Rebels have for the Romans. Caesar is able to spark a riot, led by Crixus and Naevia that results in a massacre of most of the Romans, Spartacus is able to gain control of the situation and prevent the deaths of Laeta and several Romans she has hidden away by ordering them to be placed in his villa.

Roman OccupationEdit

After the deaths of most of the Romans, knowing that food will soon run out, and the fact the Marcus Crassus is at his doorstep, Spartacus begins to put plans into motion to smuggle the Rebels out of the city. He releases the surviving Romans, who have seen rising tensions between the Rebel Generals and are sent to Crassus' camp as its the closest safe location. Laeta is taken to Crassus and she tells him of the anger between Spartacus and his men over the treatment of the Romans. Crassus see's this as one more reason to set his plans in motion to re-take the city. Spartacus is planing to smuggle the Rebels out of the city, using the bodies of the dead to mask their escape. Spartacus tells his commanders that they cant stay as they have no food, water, and Crassus is half a days march from the city gates. Spartacus gives the remaining money and valuables of the city to the pirates who will ship them out.

Caesar -4

Caesar standing in front the breached gate.

However, the pirates, at some point made contact with the Romans, and agreed to help them retake the city. With the help of the pirates and Caesar, the Romans where able to break in through the front gate and stage an attack on the docks. While most of the Romans and pirates where killed on the docks, the front gate was breached and the rebels where forced to retreat.
Laeta & Crassus.

Laeta with Crassus.

The Rebles who where unable to escape were either killed or tortured in Crassus' celebratory games.

Historical factsEdit

Sinuessa was destroyed by an earthquake in 375 AD, and its ruins are underneath modern Mondragone.


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