Assault on the Capua AmphitheatreBattle of Vesuvius

Assault on the Capua Amphitheatre


Battle of Vesuvius

Skirmish at Atella
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Rebels vs. Army of Gaius Claudius Glaber


73 BCE


City of Atella


Loss on Both Sides



Ashur's Group


Lucius Caelius

Gaius Claudius Glaber
Octavius Tarsus
The Egyptian
Roman Soldier


Lucius Caelius

Octavius Tarsus
Roman Soldier


The Skirmish at Atella was a short conflict between the forces of the Praetor, Gaius Claudius Glaber and Spartacus. The battle took place in Balance.


Gannicus captures the wife of Gaius Claudius Glaber, Ilithyia, as a means to bring Spartacus vengeance and put an end to the rebellion. Spartacus, however, does not desire to do it as he would become just like Glaber. Instead Spartacus intends to negotiate her release with Glaber in exchange for an cartload of armour and weapons. This deal is secured when the Roman, Lucius Caelius goes to Capua to meet with Glaber and makes the deal. Glaber doesn't trust this but believes it is the only course of action he has. The meeting is set to appear in the city of Atella with Glaber only allowed three others to attend him. He chooses his Tribune, Salvius, mercenary commander, Octavius Tarsus, and an unamed soldier. Spartacus in turn brings with him his best, Crixus, Agron, and Gannicus.


Spartacus and Glaber meet and speak briefly, both swearing to have on another's life upon the day. As Spartacus taunts Glaber about being better than him as he wil honour his word in giving Ilithyia back to him, Glaber remarks that the love Spartacus had for his own wife, Glaber matches in wanting Spartacus dead. Now seeing Glaber has deceived him, Spartacus turns to see Agron opening the cart only to ambushed by Ashur and his band. Glaber draws his sword and a fight between the two groups ensues.

Spartacus vs Tarsus

Spartacus fighting.

Spartacus fights against the combined might of Glaber, Salvius and Octavius Tarsus, holding his own while the other Rebels face against their combative equals. Crixus and The Egyptian enter a heated fight with The Egyptian proving to be more than the Gaul anticpated and overpowers him. Agron finds himself being bested first by the mercenary, Fimbria and then again by Nileus. Gannicus spars against Danus who is aided by Fimbria and Nileus trading places against Agron. Spartacus manages to kill the unknown Roman soldier that accompanied Glaber but sees disadvantage so he shouts "NOW!' and in the instance Glaber is struck in the shoulder by an arrow shot by Mira. Mira and Lucius Caelius appear and rapidly fire arrows against Glaber and his forces. Spartacus moves to strike at an injured Glaber, but is stopped and knocked back by Tarsus who he fights against. The Egyptian prepares to kill Crixus when he is shot and injured by Lucius, giving Crixus the advantage and knock back The Egyptian. Ashur and his mercenaries are forced to take cover from the arrows but before the Rebels could take advantage Salvius has already sounded for reinforcements. A host of Roman soldiers makes their way towards the city, forcing Spartacus and the others to retreat. Tarsus attempts to pursue Spartacus
Mira with bow

Mira & her bow and arrows.

but is shot and killed by Mira. Lucius, however, stays behind to buy the Rebels time. Continuing to rain arrows on the enemy Lucius is approached by The Egyptian who ignores the arrows Lucius manages to shoot him with until he gets close and slashes the Roman's chest. Lucius falls to the ground, stating that at least he isn't killed by a Roman, to which he is then decapitated by The Egyptian.


Spartacus and the Rebels manage to escape while a wounded Glaber returns to Capua with his soldiers, both sides having failed at what they aimed to achieve.
Spartacus & Ilithyia

Spartacus releasing Ilithyia in the woods.

Spartacus, however, releases Ilithyia in pity as Glaber chose vengeance against him over her life, something he would never have done to his wife. 

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