Spartacus' Shield is an unique shield owned and used by Spartacus.


Spartacus with his shield.

It is a dark blue quadrangular parmula.

Appearances Edit

The shield was first used by Spartacus in his match with Crixus. The shield fell from his hand during the fighting, just before he gave the Missio. Edit

Later, the shield was used when he fought alongside Crixus, against Theokoles. There, the shield fell from his hand during one of Theokoles' attacks, but Theokoles was blinded by the reflected sunlight from Crixus' helmet, and Spartacus used his now free hand to grab another sword and stab Theokoles several times, before decapitating him.

The shield was replaced with another sword later, due to Batiatus wanting to make the new Champion of Capua "twice as deadly", by changing his fighting style to dimachaerus

A similar shield was used by Ashur while he was a gladiator.

The fate of the shield is unknown after Spartacus stopped using it. 

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