Spartacus' Sword was a gladius used by Spartacus since Spartacus: Vengeance and continuing during War of the Damned. The swords was also briefly used by Ashur and Crassus.


An average gladius, showing wear from its fights. It has a wooden handle and a metal blade, discolored from black to silver.


Spartacus initially uses this sword throughout the second series. It was likely found in Batiatus' Ludus or during the six week period after their escape from the ludus, probably stolen from a Roman. It was used alone but, very often, was also used in combination with a round shield. He dual wields it with Agron's sword in his fight against Gannicus.

In Wrath of the Gods, Spartacus gives this sword to Ashur when he fights with Naevia. When Ashur dies, he recovers hes sword and kills many romans with it. Later he kills Glaber with it. Most of the time he dual wielded it like Gannicus.

War of the DamnedEdit

In War of the Damned, Spartacus continues to use this sword. He sometimes dual weilds it with other Roman gladii, or in combination with a spear, an aquilia or a dagger.

During the final battle, during Spartacus' fight with Crassus, Spartacus managed to totally disarm the Imperator. In the same way he killed Hilarus, Crassus attempted to, with this sword, kill Spartacus. Spartacus, cleverly, also grabbed the sword along the blade, and stopped Crassus, much to his horror and surprise. Spartacus then threw Crassus to the ground, and was about to kill him, when Roman troops arrive and impail Spartacus with three spears, mortaly wounding him. The sword falls from his hands and Crassus picks it up, about to kill Spartacus when Agron, Nasir and a few other rebels arrive. They kill the three soldiersand Agron knocks Crassus over the edge of the cliff.

The fate of this sword is unknown, it was either taken by the Rebels, taken by the Romans, or left where it fell.

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