Spartacus had many victims, in Glaber's campaign, on the sands and in the rebellion.

Blood and SandEdit

The Red SerpentEdit

  • Decapitated one Getae
  • Other Getae killed
  • Throws a spear, impaling and killing one of Glaber's men on horseback
  • Kills Arkadios


Fugitivus Edit

  • Cuts the throat of a mercenary
  • Stabs a brothel keeper through the neck
  • Slices the throat of a Roman soldier in the brothel

War of the DamnedEdit

Enemies of RomeEdit

  • Slashes one across the chest on horseback as he races towards Cossinius and Furius
  • A scream can be heard as he supposedly kills another soldier among the squad of soldiers protecting Cossinius and Furius
  • Slices a soldiers neck followed by killing another soldier
  • Uses the eagle standard to slice through a soldiers neck
  • Slashes another soldiers neck before Cossinius and Furius retreat
  • Slices a soldier through the stomach before using the eagle standard to knock his jaw off

Wolves at the Gate Edit

  • While helping Attius to escape near the city gates of Sinuessa, Spartacus appears and slashes one of the guards across the neck.
  • Buying Gannicus time to prepare opening the gate, Spartacus attacks two guards at once, killing one and knocking the other aside.
  • Spartacus kills Ennius by impaling him through the throat with a spear

Men of Honor Edit

  • Spartacus lands the first blow during the rebels skirmish against Tiberius and his men, slashing the neck of one as the battle begins.

Decimation Edit

  • Near the open gates of Sinuessa, Spartacus kills a few of Crassus' disguised men.

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