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Blood and sand ost

The Spartacus: Blood and Sand Soundtrack was released by Varese Sarabande on September 28, 2010. It features 42 tracks composed by Joseph LoDuca for Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Six Against One
  2. Leaving Sura
  3. Off To War
  4. Thracians Brave
  5. Sura Ambushed
  6. Village Burned
  7. No Life Without You
  8. Sura Abducted
  9. Orgy
  10. Cena Libera
  11. Thumbs Up
  12. Tuck & Roll
  13. Training
  14. Ludus Envy
  15. Rematch
  16. Dominus
  17. In The Arena
  18. We Are Gladiators
  19. Barker's Legend
  20. Transporting Spartacus
  21. Losing Mind
  22. Doctore's Legend
  23. Theocoles
  24. Rain At Last
  25. Arse A Bit
  26. Going Off
  27. Barca Betrayed
  28. Reunion Imminent/Tragic Reunion
  29. I Am Spartacus
  30. Batti On A Roll
  31. Statue
  32. Demonstration
  33. Always A Choice
  34. Different Sword
  35. Proving Legend
  36. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  37. Pale Shadow Of Love
  38. Crixus Fading
  39. Crixus Revenge
  40. Batti's End
  41. Blood Demands Blood
  42. Spartacus End Titles

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