Vengeance ost

The Spartacus: Vengeance Soundtrack was released by Varese Sarabande on March 27, 2012. It features music written by Joseph LoDuca for Spartacus: Vengeance.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Retreat 
  2. Is Capua Burning 
  3. Steel Nerve 
  4. Syrian Lesson
  5. Lifting Curse 
  6. Healing Wounds 
  7. Forever Loved 
  8. By Your Side
  9. Overjoyed 
  10. Aurelia Dies 
  11. Hymn To Venus 
  12. Ashur's Gift 
  13. Finding Naevia 
  14. Mine Fight 
  15. He Comes 
  16. Nothing is Forgiven 
  17. Night Forest Battle 
  18. Ashur's Last Stand 
  19. As Promised 
  20. Slaves No More 
  21. Fight Party 
  22. Mad Lucretia 
  23. Broken Waters
  24. Mercato Displays
  25. Crixus In The Mix 
  26. The Greatest Cause Of All 
  27. Found Their End 
  28. Experienced Hands 
  29. Purchasing Silence 
  30. He Has Fallen 
  31. What Dawn Brings

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