Spartacus vengeance
Spartacus: Vengeance The Game
is a now-defunct online Facebook-based web game created by Large Animal Games. The game was launched January 27. 2012. the same day its namesakes first episode aired. The game was shutdown November 15, 2012.

It was designed as a sequel to the similar Facebook game Spartacus: The Game.


The game follows the player, a escaped slave who is put in charge of a small group of rebel soldiers. While a rank within the rebellion is never stated, it is implied that they are important enough to be put in charge of important job and missions.

The story follows a similar line as the the third installment and namesake, Spartacus: Vengeance, and features most of the characters from the season.

Play styleEdit

The game world is set up on a grid styled map, moving to other places on the map takes energy. The player can move to villa's, small towns, enemy camps, and Ludus' and attack them. Winning a fight reward the player with silver, experience, and freed slaves. During some quests, the player can also be rewarded with special weapons, armor, and rebel soldiers.

Fights are supervised by the player who can assist their units by clicking on the "rage meter" to fill it. Once filled, they can pick a unit who has a change to deal extra damage.


The player will often be given tasks to complete. Most are randomly given, and reward the player with standard battle rewards. Others will offer extra of a certain reward, like money or slaves, while some will offer armor and weapons.

While progressing, the player can help in larger missions for the rebellion, but needs to fulfill requirements to be able to face those battles. These battles can give more money, slaves, and experience, as well as stronger gear for your fighting troops. Some missions will even free slaves who will fight for you and join your camp.

After several of the main missions are complete, the player can move to new maps and areas, these area's will offer new missions, quests, and story missions.


The game has three types of currency. Silver, Honor, and Gold. Silver can be earned the easiest, and is the most often used of the three. Silver can be earned from capturing a villa, completing a quest, or selling unused armor.

Honor is earned from "training" with other players in PVP matches. Honor is mainly used in the store to buy limited edition equipment.

Gold is the third and hardest to earn of the three. The player earns one gold every time they level up, but can buy more gold using Facebook credits. Gold can be used to buy more silver, speed up healing (see below) or to purchase special equipment in the camp store.

Player campEdit

Spartacus vengence game camp

Your rebel camp

At camp, the player is able to train, heal, and equip their units with better armor and weapons. All these actions have costs of either in-game currency or energy.


At the store, the player can use money and honor earned completing fights and quests to buy better armor and weapons for their units. Some pieces of equipment are limited edition and can only be bought with either gold or honor.


Any weapons or armor that have been earned or purchased can be found here, waiting to be equipped or unequipped from rebel units. From here, arms and armor can also be repaired or sold for a reduced value. Gladiators that are being trained or healed cannot equipped or unequip what they are using.


At the healing tent, units that have been hurt or defeated in battle can be healed using either silver or energy. The prices vary on how much health the player is wanting to restore. Fully restoring health takes energy and the longest amount of time. With the use of gold, healing time can be greatly reduced.

Spartacus vengence offline

Current image when going attempting to enter game

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