First appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Last appearance Book 1: Swords and Ashes
Profession Prostitute (former)
Brothel Owner
Race Roman
Relationships Marcus Pelorus (Friend, deceased)
Quintus Lentulus Batiatus (Acquaintance, deceased)
Status Unknown (presumed active)

Successa is a Roman brothel owner in the port city of Neapolis.


Successa wears a veil covering a red mass of puckered flesh and scar tissue, as if she had half a face. Looking in the mirror is a constant reminder of the curse of House Pelorus, though it is unknown how she became so scarred. She refers to herself as a 'disfigured whore.'

Swords and AshesEdit

Successa runs the House of the Winged Cock in Neapolis. It is a brothel in Neapolis, featuring many Pompeiian girls (Successa is Pompeiian herself). She isn't as young as some of her girls, but is given high praise by both Quintus Lentulus Batiatus and Marcus Pelorus, the latter describing her as 'the best fuck in Campania'. She is witness to Gaius Verres attempted rape of Medea and is knocked aside in Medea's search for Pelorus, whom she later kills. Successa testifies in the settlement of the estate of Pelorus, and Verres sends a former Pelorus gladiator to assassinate her in her sleep.

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