First appearance Spartacus: Morituri Chapter 2
Last appearance N/A
Profession Gladiator
Race Greek
Relationships Batiatus (Dominus, deceased)
Varro (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by gladiators)

Tetraides is a Greek Gladiator of the Batiatus.


Tetraides is a large bearded man.

Spartacus: MorituriEdit

Tetraides is first seen playing a game of tabula with Varro. During the game, who jumps up and becomes agitated for a unknown reason. When he hears the laughter of a fellow gladiator, a newly bought Syrian,Tetraidides charges him and attacks. After a brief fight, Tetraides rams a strigil into the Syrian's eye, killing him. When he is done, he passes out and is carried to his cell by Spartacus and Varro.

He awakens not remembering what he did. He explains that he saw a vision when looking at the pieces on the game board. He tells them that he saw a shade, a haringer of doom, and he got a sudden urge to "send it back to Hades".[1]

He is punished by Batiatus by having his the price of the killed slave deducted from his payments from fights.

After the Gladiator's of both Batiatus' Ludus and those of Solonius' Ludus become tired and weary, Tetraides begins to claim that the house is cursed. After Ashur returns from a reconnaissance mission and tells the house about Mantilus, Tetraides becomes sure that Mantilus is placing the cure on the house with unknown dark magic's.

During the games between Batiatus and Hieronymus, Tetraides preforms poorly during the fight and is disemboweled and killed.


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