You may also be looking for Barca who is often called "The Beast of Carthage"

The Beast of Carthage
Beast of carthage'
Comic Series Devil's Due
Issue Number 3
Comic Chronology
Previous Comic Shadows of the Jackal
Next Comic The Shadow of Death

The Beast of Carthage is issue three of four in the Devil's Due Spartacus comic book series. It was later turned into a motion-comic. The story follows Barca before his life as a Gladiator and the events that lead him to becoming the Beast of Carthage.


Young, frail Barca cannot save his mother or his village from Roman marauders, and his father Mago bitterly disowns him. But that vengeful day eventually creates Barca, the Beast of Carthage, a towering man of muscle and hate. In Roman hands, Barca must survive the gladiators' Arena long enough to get the bloody satisfaction he craves.


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