Spartacus and Varro spend time in "the hole" as punishment.

The Hole is a form of pit latrine located in Batiatus' Ludus and serves as a toilet, as well as a punishment device.

Pit LatrineEdit

A pit latrine is a toilet area that requires the user to squat over a hole or grill at the top of a deep hole. The user then defecates or urinates into the hole which is slowly filled up. Eventually when the hole is filled up, something that can take years depending on size, it is covered over and a new one is usually built, space permitting.

Other forms of pit latrine may have the feces and urine decanted into the hole from smaller buckets, as well as most other waste. This is the case with the one in Batiatus' ludus.

The HoleEdit

In the episode Legends, whilst being trained by Doctore, the gladiators are shown the term missio and its significance in a gladiatorial fight. Spartacus makes a remark, to Varro, about how the oath he swore to Batiatus' ludus did not include begging, which draws the attention of Doctore. Varro tries to sugar coat what Spartacus had said, but Spartacus interrupts him, explaining again how he doesn't need lessons in giving up. This prompts Doctore to send both gladiators to the hole.

Spartacus and Varro are next seen waste deep in a grey, sludgy mix, topped with carcasses and floating debris. Somebody pours a bucket into the hole which ends up splashing both men.


  • The Spartacus: Blood and Sand featurette 'Grime & Punishment: The Hole' reveals some behind the scenes information on The Hole.
    • The hole was actually just a half cylinder set piece, not an actual hole.
    • The concoction of liquids and debris was actually edible, which led to Jai Courtney joking that he and Andy Whitfield would eat a spoonful each.
    • Both actors wore thick neoprene pants, due to the liquid being freezing cold. The actors were cellophaned into the pants to stop the liquid getting in.
    • To give the walls a living feeling, just prior to filming, cockroaches were released onto them.

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