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The Procurator
First appearance S2E03: A Place In This World
Last appearance S2E03: The Greater Good
Profession Mine Overseer
Race Roman
Relationships Ferox (Provider, deceased)

Mines Guard (Employee, deceased)

Status Deceased (Killed by Mira)

The Procurator was the Roman overseer of the Mines of Lucania, which Spartacus and Crixus and a clutch of Rebels infiltrated in the episode The Greater Good. The Procurator took Mira, believing her to be a "gift" into his cabin for intercourse, but she grabs his sword and interrogates him for the whereabouts of Naevia. She kills him when he attempts to overpower her.


  • Procurator was a title for various kinds of officials in Roman society. Including that of the superintendant of a mining operation, who would known as a Procurator Metallum.
  • The Procurator's true name is unknown.

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