The Scriba
First appearance S2E03: The Greater Good
Last appearance S2E03: The Greater Good
Profession Roman Official
Race Roman
Status Unknown (presumed active)

The Scriba was a Roman official who appeared in the episode The Greater Good, the sixth episode of Spartacus: Vengeance. The Scriba visited the Praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber and Ilithyia at Batiatus' villa in Capua to inform them of their power of attorney over the estate of the deceased Senator Albinius, who was killed in the previous episode, Libertus. The Scriba would protest that the law didn't give Glaber the authority to use the proceeds from Albinius' estate to offer a bounty on Spartacus, after the Praetor stated his intention.


  • A Scriba, otherwise known as a Notarius, was one of the four main grades of the Apparitores, public staff of the magistrates in the Roman Republic, along with Lictors (bodyguards), Viatores (official messengers) and Praecones (public heralds). Scribae were often freed slaves who were paid from the public treasury and served as registrars and notary publics. As they were knowledgeable in Roman law and worked closely with politicians, they were able to translate their influence into political capital, which allowed some of their number to become quite powerful in the Roman state.

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