The Thracians were a group of six prisoners that were used in the arena spectacle, in a fight of six versus one, Spartacus. This six prisoners were poorly armed and prepared, and they were represented as Thracians, the origin race of Spartacus. 


Before the match begins, Spartacus closes his eyes and meditates. Seizing this advantage, one of the "Thracian" warriors throws a spear at Spartacus, scraping his cheekbone. Spartacus, now convinced that his time has not yet come, engages the warriors. He briefly fights on equal terms with the six warriors, before quickly struggling with the number disadvantage of the match, taking blows to the face and stomach. On the verge of defeat, Spartacus hears the voice of Sura in his head.

She instills in him a reason to live, saying that the gods will set him on the proper path. Spartacus, now with a renewed sense of hope, overwhelms all six of his opponents, slaying five, one after another in a rage, and fatally injuring the sixth one. As Spartacus looks into the eyes of the last fallen warrior, he sees his past self in the man. This takes him by surprise, nonetheless, Spartacus proceeds to deal the final blow, symbolically finishing off his "past self" as well. As the crowd cheers his name, Spartacus revels in his glory, and finally accepts his fate as a gladiator.

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