Theokoles's Mother
Theokoles´s mother
First appearance Comic #4: The Shadow of Death
Last appearance Comic #4: The Shadow of Death
Profession Unknown (presumably farmer)
Race Greek
Relationships Unnamed Husband (Husband, deceased)
Theokoles (Son, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Theokoles)

Theokoles' Mother is a Greek woman who gave birth to the man who soon became known as the Shadow of Death.

Character OutlineEdit

Living in a village in Greece, the unnamed mother lived an everyday life until the birth of her son. Theokoles was so large at birth however, he crippled her. Despite this, she loved her son and called him a gift from the gods.


Theokoles' Mother was a curvy woman with long red hair that reached her lower back.

The Shadow of DeathEdit

After the birth of her son, she was unable to work due to being crippled by his birth. She continued to breast feed him to help him grow. Her feeding him literally sucked the life she had left out of her. Before her death, she told him her life now flowed through his veins, and to honor this gift by never dying.

Theokoles buries her next to his father, and continues to work at the farm he grew up on until the death of Karina, whom he buries next to her.
Theokoles buries his mother

Theokoles buries his mother.


  • It is never revealed who her husband (Theokoles' father) was, except that he was a Spartan, and died in war. A grave is seen outside her window and can be assumed to be his.
  • Her real name is never said.


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