First appearance S1E07: "Great and Unfortunate Things" (mentioned)
Last appearance S1E10: "Party Favors" (mentioned)
Profession Unknown
Race Roman
Relationships Aurelia (Acquaintance, deceased)
Varro (Former Friend, deceased)
Status Unknown (presumed deceased)
Actor/Actress None

Titus is an acquaintance of Aurelia's from the marketplace and former friend of Varro.

Character OutlineEdit

Titus aided Aurelia in her time of need as Varro's winnings from his time as a gladiator was barely enough to keep her and their young son, Janus. fed. He later, however, force himself on her and she began carrying a child as the result. He forced himself onto her yet again, but this time Aurelia fought back, wounding him, perhaps mortally, as the result. Aurelia stated that she cut him "deep and low" and that he would never be able force himself on another woman which could possibly mean it was a fatal wound or one that robbed him of his "manhood".

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