First appearance S2E07: Sacramentum
S3E01: Enemies of Rome
Last appearance S3E03: Men of Honor
Profession Rebel
Race German
Relationships Sedullus (Comrade, deceased)
Lugo (Comrade, deceased)
Saxa (Comrade, deceased)
Harudes (Comrade, deceased)
Nemetes (Comrade, deceased)
Crixus (Friend, deceased)
Gannicus (Friend, deceased)
Sanus (Friend, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Tiberius)
Actor/Actress James Wells
Totus is a German warrior captured by Romans and transported to Neapolis as a slave. He later becomes a rebel warrior under Spartacus' command.


Totus has short black hair, a distictive beard and a muscular build. He fights with a sword and spear and proves himself an above-average warrior.


Fierce in battle yet boisterous amongst friendly company, Totus was carefree and possessed the humor that similar to his friends, Gannicus and Sanus.

Combat ProwessEdit

Totus is a skilled warrior, being able to fight with both the sword and the spear and able to easily best an average Roman soldier and hold his own against more skilled ones. 


Totus was one of the German slaves that got rescued from Neapolis.

He takes part in the training and celebration although tensions between the Germans and the Rebels reach a

Totus standing on the left.

breaking point when a fight breaks out between Agron and Sedullus. After Spartacus is forced to conflict and kill, Sedullus, Totus and the other Germans pledge loyalty to Spartacus.

After the forces of Glaber and Varinius assault the rebels' sanctuary, Totus is one of the many to take up arms. After an initial defeat and retreat, the Rebels strike back and defeat the enemy forces. Totus then goes on to become a prominent rebel in the army from saidpoint on.

War of the DamnedEdit

Totus is in a conversation with Gannicus and Sanus. As Saxa and her friends arrive, Gannicus has Sanus and Totus leave. Totus is annoyed by this as it was his tent but Sanus manages to make him leave by saying thet will find another hopefully as well stocked.

He would take part in the besieging of the city of Sinuessa en Valle, killing many Romans down until Spartacus announces that the rebels have successfully taken the city.

When the Cilician Pirates enter the city and enter into a pact with the rebels, Totus enjoys himself to wine, so much that he strips down to nothing, much to amusement of Crixus and the others.


Totus killed by Tiberius.

Totus accompanies Spartacus and the other rebels to Heracleo and the pirates outside of Sinuessa. He later fights against Tiberius, Sabinus and their troops.

After Mummius and his force are defeated by the cannon fire, Totus is able to stab Tiberius through his side with a spear. Totus tries to strike him again with his spear, but Tiberius deflects it and stabs him through the chest. Totus dies from his wound, and the sword is pulled out by Crixus after the battle ends. His body was later brought back to Sinuessa along with the other dead where his passing is mourned by Crixus and Gannicus.


  • Though the character is Germanic, the name Totus, oddly enough, is actually Latin for "total" and is the etymological root of the latter word. For example, the Latin phrase Totus Tuus translates as "totally yours".


  • (to Gannicus) "It's my fucking tent!"
  • (to Crixus and Naevia) "My cock is magic!"
  • (to Gannicus and Sanus in an extended scene) "To Spartacus"

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