First appearance S3E03: Men of Honor
Last appearance S3E05: Blood Brothers
Profession Pirate
Race Cilician
Relationships Heracleo (Leader, deceased)
Castus (Comrade, deceased)
Adherbal (Comrade, deceased)
Status Deceased (Killed by Gannicus)
Actor/Actress Antonio Poutoru

Tryphon is a Cilician Pirate working for Heracleo.

Character OutlineEdit

Tryphon is a bald man with a light beard. He is stoic in both size and personality and second in charge to Heracleo, heeding the orders of his captain and silently carrying them out. He wields a harpoon and wears a bullhide body armor and a set of attire similar to the other pirates.

War of the DamnedEdit

Tryphon first arrives in Sinuessa along with Heracleo, Castus and Adherbal and takes part in the celebrations following their arrival.

He is later outside Sinuessa with the other Pirates in regards to an alliance between the Pirates and Rebels. When things go sour and Roman soldiers attack, the Rebels and Pirates are united. During this fight Tryphon kills many Romans and the union between the Rebels and Pirates is solidified.

When Spartacus seeks out Heracleo he comes upon Castus and Tryphon playing a game of dice and enjoying a drink. While Castus converses with Spartacus and is amused by Agron's anger, Tryphon sits silently and watches. He then resumes his game and drink with Castus as Spartacus and Agron leave.

Unknown pirate death
The pirate is sent with Spartacus and his group of Rebels to venture overseas to sieze Roman food from along the paths on the coast, and is later sent along elsewhere to find other grain supplies, along with Sanus as company.

Tryphon is later revealed to be involved in the pirates' betrayal of Spartacus, being offered to the services of Crassus instead and killing Sanus as part of the deal. However, the pirate is killed by a knife throw from Gannicus before he has a chance to fight, his body falling into the sea.

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