Ulpianus' Wife
First appearance S3E02: Wolves at the Gate
Last appearance S3E05: Blood Brothers
Profession N/A
Race Roman
Relationships Ulpianus (Husband, deceased)
Unborn child
Laeta (Friend)
Status Alive
Actor/Actress Anita Crisinel
Ulpianus' Wife is the spouse Ulpianus and is pregnant with his child, living within the city of Sinuessa en Valle.

Character OutlineEdit

Ulpianus' wife is seen as a kind woman who loves her husband very much, which is mutual. She has lengthly black hair but keeps it kept up, has green eyes and is visibly heavy with a child.

War of the DamnedEdit

She was present during the siege of Sinuessa and was almost killed by the rebels along with her husband, but their hand was stopped by Spartacus, who orders the prisoners to be chained instead in order to avoid unneccesary bloodshed.

In the following weeks, she witness lots of unforntunate events; her husband fights for a crust of bread, and his

Ulpianus' wife seeing his hand being sliced by Naevia.

hand is sliced, Laeta hides them in the stables, but are later found by the rebels and is present during the masscre of Romans where her husband is killed.

Finally, as a scout of Roman soldiers is passing by the city, Spartacus decides to free the yet enchained citizens, and she, along with Laeta, escape the city forever.

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