While the more prominent members of the Rebels were known by name, others remained important on various levels, but where left unnamed. These are some of the Unnamed Rebels who are seen in Vengeance and War of The Damned, but are generally unnamed background characters.

Nemetes' friendsEdit


Naevia talking to two unnamed rebels.

Nemetes had two friends who followed him around Sinuessa wherever he went. The rebel on the left can briefly be seen at the beginning of Wolves at the Gate during Naevia's bout with Diotimos.

Their association with Nemetes may have been contingent upon a shared ethnic identity, and so could have been Germanic.

They also took part in the slaughter of remaining Roman citizens in Sinuessa

They were both killed by Caesar in Blood Brothers, before Nemetes himself was slain.

Blond haired rebelEdit

The blond haired rebel is seen both in Vengeance and in War of The Damned.

He is first seen on top of Vesuvius and later helps defeat Glaber's forces in Wrath of the Gods.

He survives the battle against Scrofa, as well as the battles against Cossinius and Furius. He later helps take over Sinuessa. In Blood Brothers, he is present at the docks when the Cilician Pirates betray Spartacus and Lysiscus is revealed to be a "traitor", and is sent to bring more rebels to the fight.

He supposedly escaped the city, but isn't seen again in the show, and was either killed trying to cross Crassus' wall, died in the final battle, died in the battle against Pompey, or escaped over the Alps to freedom.

This character may have been Germanic.

Dark haired rebelEdit

The dark haired rebel appeared in Men of Honor where she watches and enjoys Ulpianus' fight with another Roman, and appears again in the same episode, standing behind Spartacus and Agron as the Cilician Pirates arrive in Sinuessa. She later appears in Separate Paths traveling with the other rebels to escape Crassus and his army. She mourns Spartacus's death and succeeds to escape over the Alps to freedom.

Unnamed rebelEdit

This rebel is first seen in Mors Indecepta. After the unsuccessful attack on Crassus' camp, the rebel helps to build the rebel camp. He appears again in Victory where he was killed in the final battle after being stabbed through the chest by a Roman soldier.

Nasir's fellow slavesEdit

Nasir's Dominus had many other slaves who were freed along with Nasir and Chadara in A Place In This World, and joind the rebellion. They were probably all Greeks except for Nasir.

They were all later seen in Wrath of the Gods, and supposedly fight in the Battle of Vesuvius. The two women reappear in Sinuessa in Valle. They succeed to escape when Crassus' Men invade the city. They mourn Spartacus's death and succeeds to escape over the Alps to freedom.

The final fates of the men is unknown.

Unnamed rebelEdit

This rebel has appeared in Vengeance and only once on screen in War of the Damned. She appears in Wrath of the Gods and likely fought in the final battle against Glaber. She later appears during the funeral of Crixus, shouting out Liscus as one of the rebels who gave their lives for the rebellion. She mourns Spartacus's death and succeeds to escape over the Alps to freedom.

This woman may have been a Nubian of southern Egypt or the Kingdom of Kush.

2 of Laurus' slaves Edit

Other than Sibyl, one male and female slaves of Laurus can be seen later in The Dead and the Dying.

The female slave can be seen in the crowd of rebels as Tiberius is being let free by Spartacus before Kore kills him, smiling and mocking Tiberius with many others.
The male slave can be seen during the Gladiatorial games for Crixus and his fallen army, cheering as Spartacus and the others dispose of Tiberius' men one by one.

It is unknown what ultimately happened to either of them.

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