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    Ok, so I've seen some posts around the wiki amomg users disagreeing on which characters are superior to the another. I have even seen this list, which I found to be horribly inaccurate. So, I am going to post my own list, and I would like for you to post yours as well. Let's start.

    1. Theokoles - This is the sole gladiator who has the honor of besting Champion Oenomaus in a single, fair fight. It took the 2 greatest warriors at the time to take him down. Theokoles was able to mortally wound Crixus while fighting Spartacus at the same time, and that deserves credit. One may argue that Theokoles only lost due to plot, but that is the realm of assumption, which I am trying to avoid. Nonetheless, he stands as one of, if not the greatest warriror i…
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  • AchiIIes

    Spartacus Ending

    April 13, 2013 by AchiIIes

    Hello Spartacus fans.

    Our beloved Spartacus series has come to an end. It has been with geat honor to serve as an admin here, as the story of Spartacus will forever be etched in my heart. When I watched the finale, I, like most, had some kind of hope that some of the characters that fell, wouldn't. We all know Spartacus' body was never found, so this had many hoping for his possible escape. In my opinion, his death was a masterpiece. If he had died by Crassus personally, I don't think I would have liked it as much. Even in a crushing defeat, there is still a sense of victory. Gannicus' demise was, I'm sure, a surprise to all of us. He is such a popular character for many of you, that I wish to ask: Were you satisfied with the way he went out? …

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  • AchiIIes

    Separate Paths

    March 23, 2013 by AchiIIes

    If you have not already seen the episode, please do not ready this for it will contain spoliers.

    So I've finished watching tonight's episode. I am at a loss for words right now. From the beginning of the episode, we see that the bond between the character's are exploited. There are quite a few scenes with Spartacus and Crixus expressing their brotherly love for one another, along with Crixus and Gannicus, etc. From this, you can assume that something bad is going to happen. Now, fast forward to the battle. We see that Crixus and his army defeat a commander's (his name escapes me) legions and are well on their way towards Rome. Now, it's the following battle that leaves me at a loss for words. We knew Crixus is going to be defeated, but we d…

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  • AchiIIes

    Upgraded Message System

    January 18, 2013 by AchiIIes

    It's my pleasure to announce that Spartacus Wiki has upgraded our message system! You can experience the new system for yourself by going to your talk page. In the top right corner of the page, next to your username, you will notice a new button. Not only is this a direct link to your talk page, but it will also notify you if a user has sent you a message. This new feature is more organized and easily allows users to keep track of "who says what." Be sure to thank Wiki community staff member Porterfield for this achievement. Also, you can test your loyalty and knowledge for our beloved series on the all-new Spartacus Quiz here! The quiz consists of five multiple choice questions that only a loyal fan would know. We plan to add more content …

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  • AchiIIes

    Badge System

    January 2, 2013 by AchiIIes

    We are excited to announce that we have added a badge system to the Spartacus Wiki! You can see which badges you can earn, or already have, by checking on your profile page. However, everyone must begin anew with the system. Be sure to collect as many badges as you can, and remember to follow the wiki guidelines. Good luck!

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