Hello Spartacus fans.

Our beloved Spartacus series has come to an end. It has been with geat honor to serve as an admin here, as the story of Spartacus will forever be etched in my heart. When I watched the finale, I, like most, had some kind of hope that some of the characters that fell, wouldn't. We all know Spartacus' body was never found, so this had many hoping for his possible escape. In my opinion, his death was a masterpiece. If he had died by Crassus personally, I don't think I would have liked it as much. Even in a crushing defeat, there is still a sense of victory. Gannicus' demise was, I'm sure, a surprise to all of us. He is such a popular character for many of you, that I wish to ask: Were you satisfied with the way he went out? Now I'm moving on to Naevia. This character has received a lot of negative attention this season for her drastic personality change. However, I for one, have always been an admirerer of hers and her passionate relationship with the Undefeated Gaul. She went out as a warrior, and in this series, there is no greater death. Now, theres the matter of Agron and Nasir. I've done some snooping around on other websites, and some viewers seem to be very upset that these characters lived. However, this doesn't upset me at all. Agron's willingness to stay by Spartacus' side, coupled with his injury, had me making the assumption of his death. However, to be the one that saved Spartacus from defeat by Crassus, is a nice touch for the ending. Finally, I very much like how they did the ending credits for this episode as well. To show all of the characters that fell along the way, and to give a final hats-off to our fallen hero Andy Whitfield, it really was a wonderful thing. To wrap it all up, I believe this series ended on a highnote and is one of the best television shows to ever grace the screen (THE best for me personally). Now that this spectacular franchise is over, I feel as if a piece of my heart is missing.

You can find an interview of Steven DeKnight thoughts about the final episode here. You can find Liam McIntyre's here.

Also, there has been talk to a possible Caesar spin-off. I am here to confirm that this is true, but it is only in its "talking stages." Robert Tapert, exectuve producer behind the Spartacus franchise, is considering to see it done. The conclusion of this series easily sets the stage to tell the story of Caesar's rise to power. Given the fact that Caesar is such a recognizble historical figure (and Spartacus character) it would be easy for Starz to reel in the interest of this series, and to keep its record high Spartacus viewers.

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