Ok, so I've seen some posts around the wiki amomg users disagreeing on which characters are superior to the another. I have even seen this list, which I found to be horribly inaccurate. So, I am going to post my own list, and I would like for you to post yours as well. Let's start.

  1. Theokoles - This is the sole gladiator who has the honor of besting Champion Oenomaus in a single, fair fight. It took the 2 greatest warriors at the time to take him down. Theokoles was able to mortally wound Crixus while fighting Spartacus at the same time, and that deserves credit. One may argue that Theokoles only lost due to plot, but that is the realm of assumption, which I am trying to avoid. Nonetheless, he stands as one of, if not the greatest warriror in the franchise. As a last note, his durablity seems to surpasses The Egyptians.
  2. The Egyptian - This will be the hardest part to tackle. This spot would flow much more smoothly if it weren't for that scene in Vengence where Spartacus easilys overcomes The Egyptian. Still, The Egyptian proves himself skilled enough to overpower Crixus. Also, as with Theokoles, his abilities also made legend when he was able to mortally injure Oenomaus in a single, fair fight. If it weren't for the interruption of Gannicus, then I fear for what may have came for our Doctore. Ironically, it also took 2 highly skilled warriors to finally put him down. Though, this fight is debatable.
  3. Spartacus/Gannicus - I cannot put one over the other. Spartacus and Gannicus' skill need no explaination. However, I will say this: Spartaucs is superior to Gannicus with the spear, as admitted by the man himself. Gannicus, on the other hand, seems to be a better unarmed fighter. Spartacus fought against Crixus unarmed and they proved equal. However, when Gannicus fought him, he was on the verge of breaking the Gaul's arm. Do not forget The God of the Arena's blindfold fight with Otho as well.
  4. Crixus/Oenomaus/Crassus - While these three are obviously very gifted fighters, I do not think they have what it takes to defeat Spartacus or Gannicus. Oenomaus and Crixus both were almost killed by The Egyptian, while Gannicus, though at the end of the fight, kills The Egyptian single-handedly. Crixus or Oenomaus did not have a "game changer" moment as he did.
  5. Agron/Donar/Caburus/Barca/Auctus/Varro - I might consider removing Varro from this spot. He hasn't been in too many battles for me to properly judge his skills.
  6. Gnaeus/Saxa/Lugo/Nemetes/Nasir/Ashur's Group(exluding Ashur)
  7. Ashur/Caesar/Glaber
  8. Naevia - Her fight against Ashur is a little ridiculous. I claim that Ashur is still the better warrior.
  9. A typical gladiator
  10. Mira/A Roman soldier