It's clear that not a lot of the rebels like Castus because he is Cilician, yet in the latest episode, Mors Indecepta, we see him released and allowed to join their ranks by Agron, albeit reluctantly and only due to Nasir, the only person who seems to have any respect for Castus.

My question for everyone is, because historically Castus was a rebel leader, will he be featured more prominetly in upcoming epidodes? We only have 3 more episodes left after all. Personally, I would like to see Castus become more featured and just see what kind of character he could become in the rebellion. After I saw him fight alongside Agron I could see a sliver of acknowledgement from the German.

What I say now is just my complete opinion here and speculation only, but I can't shake this feeling that Nasir will die and possibly Agron and Castus sort of get together. I don't know why I get that feeling but it's something that I see?

If anyone has any other thoughts I would love to hear them.

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