Hey everybody, hope you are all doing well. I was listening through all the soundtracks of the series that are all wonderfully and beautifully done. However, I also took note that there are several tracks that are unreleased and that bothers me because they are so good and I want them on my iPod! I'm curious to see if anyone else has noticed this and was wondering that, if there are enough of us, we could maybe get a hold of Steven S. DeKnight or Joseph Loduca or whoever we need to. Not sure why these tracks weren't included, I'll post some examples and if for some reason if I've overlooked them then I'd appreciate someone letting me know what the track name is and from what season it comes from.

Example One:

The theme that is played when Agron is seriously wounded by Tiberius. It is also played when Naevia is killed by Caesar.

Example Two: 

The Egyptian's theme. It was basically done during that Arena Fight (Do not confuse it with the track "Steel Nerve", they sound alike yet aren't the same), and when The Egyptian fought Crixus at the wagon exchange and then against Oenomaus at the temple.

Example Three:

From Blood and Sand when Spartacus tells Duro and Agron that the only path is to kill them all. It's also played a number of times afterwards.

There are a few more I could put, but I think you all get the point. As I said if any of you know the track and that I've simply overlooked it please get back to me :)

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