Greetings everyone! Hope you are all well.

I've done probably my hundreth Spartacus marathon, and was curious on a certain "what-if scenario". This one being that of what if Oenomaus had survived and continued with the Rebellion in War of the Damned.

The third season really follows a theme of honour and morality and given that our beloved Doctore is the most morally virtous and honourable of people, was wondering if anyone else thought he might have been disillusioned by the Rebels more atrocious actions? Gannicus, who is close in moral fibre, seemed to take on the duty as moral advisor to Spartacus which is something I think Oenomaus would have been had his involvement been covered.

I have no doubt that he would fight against the soldiers, but he would never harm an innocent / citizens. Even back when the slaughter at Batiatus' Ludus took place, he only killed Iovis and went for Ashur only to be apalled and horrified by the Gladiator's actions. Personally I believe he would not wish to stay in the rebellion or if he did he would deffinitly not take part in the any of the atrocities, regardless of justification.

Those are my thoughts and I would love to hear some of anyone elses so feel free to post! 

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