Greetings my brothers and sisters! Here's hoping the Gods have blessed you all so far and that Jupiter himself has kept away from your rears!

It's been awhile since this Wiki had a Blog and I figured, since we all on here are a small, yet close community of people with an actual respect towards one another, unlike other Wiki's (No offence!), I figured perhaps it's time I make something. Yes it's a little long but what are blogs for? So sit back and read and give your opinion! Or just skim...if that's your thing!

There's been a lot of talk about possible Spin-Off's so I was hoping to do a little write-up of some possible ideads and gauge your opinions on them and perhaps here one's of your own? I love this world of Spartacus and would like to see it remain strong! So here we go....

The Gannicus Chronicles

Gannicus spent five years as a wanderer so perhaps a series or mini-series detailing a piece of adventures. Maybe he got caught up in political strife as a bodyguard of a nobleman? Maybe he was a sword-for-hire? Or perhaps he got caught in the criminal underworld by a twist of fate! 

The Road to Freedom

Agron remains the sole surviving Rebel Leader. Naturally, he'd take the role in helping those remaining to better lives outside the Republic. Perhaps a group chooses to remain with him and Nasir and they struggle to live in a new world. They may contend with a group of Roman slavers, a rival tribe from Agron's past, or perhaps find themselves in a struggle to survive a harsh new environment.

The LIfe of Caesar

Julius Caesar has survived the Third Servile War. Now allied with the wealthy Marcus Crassus and the popular Pompey, Caesar begins his ascent in rule as he cunningly maneuvers through the politics of Rome and seeks to increase his fame through war and conquest!

Those are three, very basic I think, ideas that have been brought to mind. Not exactly original as almost everyone has thought of it but I am wondering what others think of these ideas and would love to hear what others think?

Or perhaps we should just keep the "spirit" of the Spartacus style alive? As Folk Hero's have been resurrected as of late, we've had tales of King Arthur, Robin Hood, Spartacus, Ragnar Lothbrok and William Tell (Who is who I am using for writing of my own :P), so perhaps a similar drama/action series could be made with other folk heroes in retellings of Louis Riel, Joan of Arc, Ghengis Khan or Siegfried? What are your thoughts? 

Sorry for the long blog, much gratitude to those who took the time! :)

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