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    New Admin

    May 6, 2012 by Banjo oz

    A big thanks for the honor bestowed by the hard-working and ever-awesome Venus Aurea.

    I've sworn the following oath, folks:

    "I hearby swear, on Jupiter's Cock and Ilithyia's fine naked form, to protect and uphold the honour of this wiki, to vanquish vandalism, to fight all who hack and spam, and to be a responsible moderator."

    ... so please let me know if I can help anyone in any way, or let me know if you see any spam, vandalism or disruptive behavior here, or things that only an Admin can 'fix' (image renames, etc.).

    I'm not online as much as would be ideal, so don't stress if I don't jump on something right away (there are several of us Admins if you need urgent action taken) but I'll do my best to keep this wiki awesome, with the help of a…

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    I stumbled across this on IMDb the other day: a short review I wrote for the show back in 2010, after I'd just watched the first two episodes. There was a lot of negative criticism on IMDb, mostly due to the first episode, and I wanted to chime in with my thoughts. I had no idea how much better the series would get, though!

    Are You Not Entertained?
    Written 7th February, 2010 (wow, back when it all began!)

    Like the gladiatorial games it draws from, 'Spartacus - Blood and Sand' is a spectacle of violence, gore and sexy naked bodies.

    That's why it's such fun.

    'Spartacus BaS' definitely has its roots in the Raimi & Tapert school of "fun", though.

    Both '300' and 'Gladiator' are often over-rated; like 'Spartacus BaS' they are also "fun" movies that wer…

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