A big thanks for the honor bestowed by the hard-working and ever-awesome Venus Aurea.

I've sworn the following oath, folks:

"I hearby swear, on Jupiter's Cock and Ilithyia's fine naked form, to protect and uphold the honour of this wiki, to vanquish vandalism, to fight all who hack and spam, and to be a responsible moderator."

... so please let me know if I can help anyone in any way, or let me know if you see any spam, vandalism or disruptive behavior here, or things that only an Admin can 'fix' (image renames, etc.).

I'm not online as much as would be ideal, so don't stress if I don't jump on something right away (there are several of us Admins if you need urgent action taken) but I'll do my best to keep this wiki awesome, with the help of all our fantastic contributors!

My only suggestion so far? Please sign your talk posts and log in when you edit... it makes it much easier to know who's editing what and why. :)

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