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  • Cheatcodechamp

    A new patch is adding new features to the free to play Spartacus Legends.

    1. Tournament Mode has been added to the game. This feature allows players to compete against each other based on their Fame levels. Tournaments are broken down into Seasons that can have multiple tournaments. Rewards are granted at the end of Tournaments and Seasons.

    2. House Banners allow users to customize banner art for their gladiators. This feature can be accessed through the Ludus and allows users to change banner art as well as add different layers of banner elements.

    3. Titles allow users to differentiate themselves from other gladiators by applying a unique Title to each of their gladiators. Titles can be purchased with Silver or Gold and will appear during th…

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  • Cheatcodechamp

    Vote ended, thank you all for the feedback.  We will update the articles stating that other character names have been seen, but are NOT based on the characters themselves.

    We have a debate that needs to be handled before i lock the Spartacus Legends article and start banning people. The outcome of this discussion and vote will effect if we have this as a fact, or trivia.

    When Spartacus Legends came out, we all began to look for information, one piece that came out has become a minor problem. Characters, like Pollux, have been seen in the game, and have been added to the list of characters in the game.

    While some agree with this, or dont care, others dont agree and keep removing it. This has gotten to a point of me re-adding it once a day as t…

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  • Cheatcodechamp

    Hey everybody.

    As many of you know when it comes to videos on the wikia, we have few. One of the problems is that many of our videos came from youtube and where shut down for copyright issues.

    I have asked around, and i have found the Wikia video library (thanks to Gcheung28) This library has videos we can rely on.

    Im asking all of you to go there and find videos we can use, then add them here. We are looking for anything related to the show. One thing im wanting is to add interviews with the cast to their articles so we have more then "this person played this person in Spartacus".

    We also need to make sure we have as many promos as possible.

    Here is a list of the "Spartacus" videos:

    And here i…

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  • Cheatcodechamp

    Before we all end up going stale, we need to get to work maintaining this wiki, and im not about to make you all wait for the community to decide to promote me.

    We, as of me starting this blog, have 2,512 images, and i doubt any of them are used, or organized. I plan to fix this, the first step handling unused images.



    Im asking all of you to comb through, and either find a use for the images, or mark them to be deleted. We can use gallery's for some images, but some are not in the show, and are not needed.

    Once this is handled, i should have the templates needed for the larger project of taking the images we have, and organizing them, the only question will be is how we organize them. Im thinking we w…

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  • Cheatcodechamp

    You have played it, We have played it, and reviewers have played Spartacus Legends. The free to play game has been out for awhile now, and i figured we should share the reviews.

    Mine first, it is my blog after-all.

    The game is worth your time if you have the space on your harddrive, the three gig game has no price tag and to users like me (poor) that is worth the troubles it comes with.

    That being said, if i paid for this game, i myself would be upset.

    Xbox Live held nothing back, and, if anything, made it clear they did not like the game. The only perk they found was the price. They also gave it a thumbs down, showing their true disapproval of this bout in the arena.

    Shogun i…

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