Hey everybody.

As you all know by now, Spartacus Legends is out and it brings new content the wikia needs to address. The game is far to small for its own wikia, so we need to decide how much we cover the content. I have an idea on how to address a few things, but i want to run this by the editors and get your ideas and view points out.

Game locations

The game has several location's you can send the gladiator to fight in, each with its own name. We need to decide if each place has its own article, covering the fights, and gladiators from that area.

Im saying (for the time being) no to there own articles, but im open to counter proposals.


Depending on how far in you are, you may have seen some opponents are unique and have their own names. If they are truly unique and names, we have to find out if they need their own articles, and if so, how to build it. They would require a new template, and perhaps new category's (see below).

I think it may be a good idea to give the "boss fights" and legendary gladiators their own articles, explaining them and how you can get them (if possible).


If we do decide to create any new articles, we will need to decide if we add them to the already existing category's, or if they need their own.

I would say if we do articles for characters, we need to only add "game only" characters, Spartacus has alot of category's as it is, and we dont need to add him to anymore.


The game has 12 achievements, adding to 400 points. I intend to add the category's to the wiki, and i have an idea as to how. My only question is, do we add them to the bottom of the article, or create a "Spartacus Legends achievements" article.

then we need to think about the idea of each achievement having its own article, some wikia do this, but some don't.


I would ask that no more articles are made relating to the game then what we have no until we handle these questions. Please share your views on this so i have an idea where you all stand on this, and we know how to proceed.

Thanks and happy editing.

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