A new patch is adding new features to the free to play Spartacus Legends.

1. Tournament Mode has been added to the game. This feature allows players to compete against each other based on their Fame levels. Tournaments are broken down into Seasons that can have multiple tournaments. Rewards are granted at the end of Tournaments and Seasons.

2. House Banners allow users to customize banner art for their gladiators. This feature can be accessed through the Ludus and allows users to change banner art as well as add different layers of banner elements.

3. Titles allow users to differentiate themselves from other gladiators by applying a unique Title to each of their gladiators. Titles can be purchased with Silver or Gold and will appear during the fighter intros and in Tournament Mode.

4. Online Matchmaking had a bug that prevented users from being matched up based on their Threat Ratings, Ping, and Fame. This issue has now been fixed.

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