For those of you who don't know, or those who like to be reminded, Ubisoft is expected
Spartacus Legends logo
to release a new free to play game on Xbox 360 and the PS3 sometime next month (May, 2013)

Spartacus Legends will be the next in a line of Spartacus themes games, this one going farther then the others in terms of graphics and capability, and is claiming to be the first free-play fighting game of its kind.

What we know

The game puts you into two roles, the Dominus of the Ludus, who's goal is to train the best Gladiator ever seen and get rich off their blood. And the role of the Gladiator, who's only job is no not die.

You start off buying slaves, then training them in one of several fighting styles. once they are ready, they can be equipped with thousands of different armor and weapon combo's to be sent off to face other Gladiators. Victory means gold and honor are given to your Ludus and experience and fame to your fighters. Failing can result in the death of your Gladiator and the loss of him and any skills he has learned (but his equipment will be returned). As your fame increases, you will be-able to face stronger, deadlier opponents in more prestige's arena's.

What we can guess

As with all free games, the developers still want to make money, you cant blame them, but it seems to end up one-sided if you don't want to invest in the free game. This could create the risk of higher ranked players almost being forced to buy better weapons to fight other players who already own better armor and weapons. The rumor is that the designers are setting things up to focus more on your skill and armor ratings then the weapons magically being better then others (if you have played any other game ever you will know how godlike some weapons are). If this is true it could lessen the risk of facing over powered Gladiators that have a "Golden sword of Appolo-fire" that can one hit decapitate your iron clad behind.
Spartacus legends image

That being said, we don't know much about the weapons (if you do we have an article that needs expanding), they say that certain weapons cant just counter others just because (like a sword will always beat a spear), this is because that's not how it works in the real world. While your weapon being made of the finest steel helps, it means nothing if you suck.

What he can hope

If this game goes well (It being a free game will only help it in the long run) we can expect any problems to be fixed, as well as new content (if its free or not, who can say). We also don't know if their will be a story, or how much it would tie into the show if it is. If we do have a story line, prepare to have Spartacus and Crixus either as ally's, or boss leveled foes on the arena.


Despite the small, almost pointless to fear risks, this game can only promise to be enjoyed by any true Spartacus fan. Once released, ill make sure you all have a review, Or you can download the FREE game and decide for yourself's. (my gamer-tag on Xbox is Cheatcodechamp if you want to face me)

What do you think? Will this game be our next gory enjoyment, or will if fall dead in the sands without gory glory?

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