• DeadpoolN7

    Hey all.  With the season Finale of Spartacus tomorrow, I've taken it upon myself to rewatch the entire run of Spartacus so that when tomorrow comes I can bath in the fully glorious and emotional effect of the end of the greatest series I have ever seen.

    That being said, having rewatched the series, I found myself wondering a few things and developed a list of questions that I'm hoping might generate some interesting feedback.

    1) With the Egyptian being such a deadly fighter, why didn't the romans throw him into the arena?  I feel like he would be a pretty good crowd pleaser.

    2) I wonder what would have happened if Theokoles had lived and joined Spartacus and his rebels in war of the damned.

    3) What Happened to Solonius' slaves after he was ar…

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  • DeadpoolN7

    Spartacus Finale

    April 9, 2013 by DeadpoolN7

    So the Finale is finally upon us.  Would anyone care to speculate on which characters live and which characters die.

    Here is my thoughts


    Spartacus, Lugo, Agron, Nasir, Saxa, Kore, Naevia aww hell, every character except Gannicus and his current flame.


    Gannicus and his woman, Ceasar, Crassus.

    Anyone else care to speculate?

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  • DeadpoolN7

    Has anyone watched this show on this Wiki?  From the commercials it looks like they are trying to make it very similar to Spartacus, albiet obviously less violent cause it's on history and not one of the premium channel.  Even the main character looks really similar to the late Andy Whitfield.  Can anyone comment on this?  Is it worth watching?

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  • DeadpoolN7

    Hey all.  I have a question about episode 9 of war of the damned.  In the promo, ceaser says that he'll do a fair trade of 500 rebels for Tibereus's life.  Everyone seems to think this means Ceaser is wanting Spartacus to end him.  Now, while I have no doubt that is really what Ceaser wants, when I heard it, I figured that bargin would be to save Tibereus's life.  That seems the more likely outcome to me.  I know no one knows right now, but I am just curious if anyone else thinks about it like I do.

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