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  • Hotsoup.6891

    Hey Spartans,

    Just wanted to alert you all to an awesome opportunity going on right now to own a piece of the epic Spartacus TV phenomenon. Here's the skinny:

    To commemorate “Spartacus: War of the Damned,” the final season of the global smash series, STARZ has partnered with ViP Fan Auctions to offer an opportunity to own original props, sets, costumes and collector’s artifacts from the entire series.

    The auctions is currently open, with new items will be offered every week at ViP Fan Auctions; Spartacus. Since the launch, the auctions has generated an estimated 2.75 MM digital impressions through social media, fan sites, online promotions and eBay. Fan reaction has been incredibly enthusiastic and a tribute to the collectible nature of the S…

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  • Hotsoup.6891

    Warning: this review contains spoilers

    In the premier episode of Season 3 (Spartacus: War of the Damned) we return to Spartacus' rebellion as he marches on Rome. At the beginning of the episode we find that the action has jumped ahead from where Season 2 left off.

    If the first episode of the new season delivers one thing, it is this; the unveiling and development of a devious new antagonist to face off with the mighty Spartacus and his growing army of rebelling slaves. Enemies of Rome introduces us to Crassus, a wily and complex villain. With Glaber out of the way, it is imperative that the show quickly establishes a believable and interesting villain.

    However, before Spartacus is given the opportunity to face off against Crassus, he must first d…

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