• Jimthesoundman


    April 28, 2012 by Jimthesoundman

    Although I enjoyed the first season and I also enjoyed "Gods of the Arena", I now find this season to be completely stupid and unbelievable.

    In real life, Spartacus had over 50,000 slaves and other people with him in his army. In the show he has about 30.

    Oneomaeus and Crixus were both Gauls. The show doesn't mention that at all.

    Glaber had 3000 local militia under his command, not Roman Soldiers. After Spartacus kicked his ass, more slaves showed up to join his cause, and then he had 70,000 troops. The show makes it look like 100 soldiers are hunting down 40 rebel slaves.

    The nonsense about them burning down the arena is so laughable I couldn't even watch it. The are supposedly going to sneak in through the *SEWER* and no one will notice a bu…

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