OK, so some sort of consensus needs to be found amongst us contributors or an Admin needs to make an executive decision about what to do about Correus and Ediscus because these characters already have their own existing pages: Celtillus and Ludovicus.

For the sake of clarity and since I don't know the actor names, I'm going to refer to them in this article as The White Actor (TWA) and Black Actor (TBA)

Let's take them one at a time:


- We had previously named TWA "Celtillus" because in the original script there is a character named "Celtillus" who, along with Saxa, helps shoots the ballistae at the end of "Victory". Thus, we called TWA Celtillus.

- However, in Blood Brothers, we see TWA referred to as "Correus" by Agron.


- "Correus" is played by the same guy that we have been calling "Celtillus". This fact been confirmed by actor Kelvin Taylor (Kraynos) and you can also see that it is the same actor:


- My suggestion would be that we kill the "Celtillus" page and move his deeds, actions, etc to "Correus". My thinking is that we have visual evidence supporting TWA being named "Correus" as opposed to TWA being called "Celtillus", which is a name that came from our deduction that the guy shooting the ballistae in the script is supposed to be the same guy shooting the ballistae in the show.


- Both the names "Ediscus" and "Ludovicus" are names contrived by the auditory guesswork of our outsanding contributor Philanahembree. He heard the names and had to make a guess about how they would be spelled. Neither of these spellings, unfortunately, are canon according to the subtitles.

- In the same scene with Correus, TBA is referred to as Vertiscus (what Phil interpreted as "Ediscus").


- Unfortunately for us, in the VERY NEXT scene TBA is referred to by Naevia as "Litaviccus" (what Phil interpreted several months ago as "Ludovicus").



- Therefore, according to canon, we must name TBA either "Litaviccus" or "Vertiscus". 

Both these names are ancient names and come from Caesar's book "The Gallic Wars". So we have to choose from:

A) Litaviccus: the name of a young Gallic general who fought with Vercingetorix against Caesar during the Gallic Wars. His tribe had originally served Caesar and the Romans but Litaviccus convinced 10,000 of his men to desert and join Vercingetorix.

B) Vertiscus: the name of a Gallic general who fought with Caesar in the Gallic Wars and fell in a cavalry battle.

- My suggestion is that we kill "Ediscus" and rename "Ludovicus" to "Litaviccus". I support this for three reasons:

1) Litaviccus is closest in sound to Ludovicus (which is the older page and thus we are already familiar with calling TBA something similar)

2) The Ludovicus page is already full of pics and other info, so for ease of transition it'd be easiest to kill Ediscus and just rename Ludovicus to Litaviccus.

3) The historical person named Litaviccus rebelled against the Romans and likely died fighting against them as opposed to the historical person named Vertiscus who died fighting for the Romans.

Either way, some decision needs to be reached or some admin needs to make the decision themselves because it is sloppy to have redundant character pages.

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