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  • Philanahembree

    Fanon wiki

    June 24, 2016 by Philanahembree

    Is anyone still interested in the Fanon wiki. The show ended 3 years ago now, and I've been as busy as I can working on my wiki. I've pretty much been trying to add 60,000 pages to my wiki, one for every one of the rebels. It's a more historical wiki to do with Spartacus, but I'm still using images from the show. I could use all your help to make the wiki grow. Anyone?

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  • Philanahembree

    What Now?

    August 7, 2013 by Philanahembree

    I have a question to ask. Spartacus has ended, no more episodes, nothing else to cover, not many more things to change, there is probably nothing else to do. I may have asked many of you this before. I have currently been working on a wiki that I made, a wiki I made to carry on Spartacus (not the show exactly but the war) after the show ended. I first would like to ask you if, if there's nothing else to cover in the show, would any of you be interested in checking out my wiki?, it's fun and creative and you could make your own characters and stories. I made this wiki last year and it would help keep the story of Spartacus alive. Or you could just use fanfiction I guess.

    I have had a few people say they would join but not much activity is go…

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  • Philanahembree

    There were parts in the show I loved

    I loved the last scene of Gods of the Arena when Gannicus leaves. The soundtrack in that scene is also at the beginning of Spoils of War when Gannicus thinks Donar's dead.

    I loved the end of season 3 episode 9 at Crixus' funeral pire, when the rebels are honouring the dead (I don't know why they mentioned Barca or Peitros though, they weren't rebels)

    The part in the finale when Spartacus is trying to pick up the purple ribbon is a sad moment, and a powerful one to me

    What moments did you like best.

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  • Philanahembree

    So there were a few nict picks and gripes I had with the final season.

    At the beginning of Enemies of Rome, it opens with a large battlefield with the rebels fighting Roman soldiers. At first you only notice the rebels who are fighting in the front, but I couldn't help but look at the background characters. I wish these actors could have given a little more effort in making it look like they were actually fighting.

    • Even in Spoils of War when Naevia's fighting in the background behind Spartacus, she doesn't look like she's fighting, just casually swinging a plastic sword around (seriously go watch the episode, Naevia looks stupid)
    • That was also a problem I found in later episodes. When Crixus is facing Caesar, you have rebels in the background. T…
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  • Philanahembree

    So with the end of War of The Damned comes the end of the Spartacus series. This show was brilliant for what it was, but I unfortunately, was not satisfied with the season as a whole. When I saw the teaser trailer for the season, with Spartacus riding on his horse towards the Romans and smashing into them with that growl at the end, I thought this season was going to be so much different and epic.

    First, I understand this show is also a drama, so it needs all that diologue infront of the action. But the season could have used just as much action. I expected a season called War of The Damned to have more battles in it. There was a battle at the beginning of episode 1, and at the end of episodes 3, 8 and 10, with a very slow build up in every ep…

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