So there were a few nict picks and gripes I had with the final season.

At the beginning of Enemies of Rome, it opens with a large battlefield with the rebels fighting Roman soldiers. At first you only notice the rebels who are fighting in the front, but I couldn't help but look at the background characters. I wish these actors could have given a little more effort in making it look like they were actually fighting.

  • Even in Spoils of War when Naevia's fighting in the background behind Spartacus, she doesn't look like she's fighting, just casually swinging a plastic sword around (seriously go watch the episode, Naevia looks stupid)
  • That was also a problem I found in later episodes. When Crixus is facing Caesar, you have rebels in the background. The fighting in the background, doesn't even look like fighting, but I guess you don't notice it because you're focusing on the main characters. But I did notice, and it pulled me back a little.

Another gripe I also had was with some of the characters. I liked Sanus, We only see him in 4 episodes, and then he's killed off screen. I also hated the way they made Nemetes a bad guy. I thought after Wrath of the Gods, he'd get more logical. I also fought Tiberius would turn out to be a tragic character after Decimation, and I really could have cared less with his rivalry with Caesar, and the whole rape situation with him and Kore, that was just useless.

Well, if there were any small gripes or nit picks you had, what were they?

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